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Hello and Welcome to Energized Fitness!

My name is Sydney Stiles

I have a passion for helping others achieve a better quality of life through live personal training and online training programs. I know firsthand what a positive impact these programs can have, since I have been a beneficiary of them myself. Click on the video to the right to hear my story.

Who I train

Throughout my career as a trainer, I have helped many clients reach a wide variety of goals.  I've found the most success and connection with client who fall into the categories below.
Although you may fit into more than one of the categories below, select the one that is most relevant to you.  You will have an opportunity to talk with your trainer prior to the development of your program, thus insuring all of your training needs are met.

How do we reach your goals?

Gym training app in phone. Online personal trainer or video tutorial mockup in smartphone.

Online Training

Online training is 100% online via our app or training website.  It is an affordable and effective way to achieve your health and fitness goals.  After your initial consultation, your trainer will structure a monthly workout program specific to you and your goals.  You'll receive new workouts each week!

  • Tracked Progress through the app!

  • Video demonstrations of every exercise!

  • Train anywhere on your schedule!

  • Regular support from your trainer via text, plus a check in phone call mid-way though your package.


Live Virtual Personal Training

Virtual Personal Training is an effective way to achieve your health and fitness goals.  Through GoogleMeet, Zoom, FaceTime you have the unique opportunity to work one-on-one with your own personal trainer in real time from anywhere in the world!  Receive custom workouts tailored to help you reach your specific goals.

  • Train anywhere (home or gym) in real time with your trainer via your video device (iPad, mobile phone, laptop)

  • Phone consultation with your trainer to review your goals, and medical history

  • Custom workouts that can be modified on the spot as needed

  • Your very own mobile personal trainer!


Live In-Person Training

In-person personal training is only available for those living in the Traverse City area.  Most training sessions will be done at your trainer's home gym, however training in your home is an option for those with limited mobility (for an additional per session fee).

  • Phone consultation with your trainer to review your goals and medical history

  • Custom workouts written specifically to meet your goals.

  • Exercise modifications as needed during your workout

  • You don't need your own equipment, your trainer has everything you'll need!

Beth Howard, FL

If you have never experienced personal training or a workout with Sydney Stiles, you have a very extraordinary surprise coming! ​ I found Sydney on her website about five years ago while searching in Traverse City for a trainer who could teach me and train me using TRX.  Little did I know that she would come with knowledge in many different areas of body work including foam rolling and trigger point release.  She was also able to help me with the exercises my physical therapist sent home with me.  I couldn't have landed on a more versatile person to meet my needs in personal training. ​ Not only is she well learned about the human body, she also has a wonderful personality in dealing with people on all levels of fitness.  She adapts to individual needs that may change for each workout yet comes prepared with her well thought out plan for each session.  I personally enjoy her wonderful sense of humor and positive attitude she brings each time I see her.   ​ Luckily we are able to train outside in good weather as we are only in Michigan during the summer.  We can hook up to a tree with the TRX.  She also brings other equipment for other types of work. ​ My husband observed her expertise and decided also to work with her at our home about three years ago.  He as well has been thoroughly impressed with her knowledge and abilities, including her great personality. ​ If you have the opportunity to work with Sydney, don't hesitate! ​ -Beth and David Howard

Julie English, MI

I really enjoy working with Sydney.  She's aware of my special needs, listens to what my goals are and plans workouts that help me achieve them.  Being a paraplegic, I was unsure if a certified personal trainer would work for me, but she immediately put my mind at ease with her knowledge and creative presentation of each exercise. ​ An important goal for me early on was to have the strength and stability to safely hold my new grandson.  Sydney came up with creative exercises to help me do just that.  There isn't a goal I've brought to her that she hasn't been able to help me achieve. ​ - Julie English

Janice Binkert

I am 74 years old, and I began training with Sydney about five years ago. I’m moderately fit, but I do have arthritis in my joints, and I was beginning to feel my age with regard to flexibility, balance and strength. Although I tried going to a gym, I found that working out with a bunch of strangers on sometimes complicated equipment was not my thing. I found it boring, uncomfortable and unsatisfying, never knowing if I was doing the exercises right or whether I was making any progress. Then a friend introduced me to Sydney and TRX - what a difference! Not only did she make me feel comfortable and confident through her expertise, patience and highly individualized approach, but the whole experience was (and still is) FUN! Of course we work hard in our sessions - and I say “we” because Sydney puts in as much effort as I do - but the results and my sense of accomplishment are totally worth it. She constantly monitors, encourages and corrects my movements as necessary, ever mindful of my individual limitations and abilities. The name “Energized Fitness” is perfect, because I feel energized after every workout, knowing that my training sessions are productive and looking forward to where Sydney will take me next in my fitness level.

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