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Weight Management Program

Did you know that even a 3 to 5% weight loss can improve your health and even decrease many risks that are commonly associated with being overweight or obese?  Losing more weight leads to even bigger improvements.  Weight loss experts recommend a goal of 5 to 10% weight loss over a 6-month period as a safe, and effective means to lose unwanted pounds.

The Weight Management Program is a collaborative, non-judgmental approach to weight loss through one-on-one coaching, nutrition coaching, and either online training or live personal training with three package options that won't break your budget.

No matter which package you choose, your personal trainer will design workouts and nutrition coaching for YOU and YOUR goals.  These are NOT one size fits all workouts or nutrition coaching, they are specific to where you are in your weight loss journey, your health, and your goals.


Book a Free Consultation

Learn more about the available Weight Management Plans, and hear more about our collaborative approach to reaching your goals.  

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