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  • Who is live personal training for?
    Live personal training is for anyone seeking additional accountability and one-on-one guidance through performing exercises.
  • Why hire a personal trainer?
    Hiring a personal trainer takes the guesswork out of your workouts. Essentially, you are hiring a personal coach to create exercise plans based on your needs and wants. You no longer have to research or guess at what exercises might be good for your body and to help you reach your goals. Your trainer guides you through how to perform each exercise, where you should be feeling it, and why it benefits you, and watches your form to ensure you do it correctly.
  • Is working with a personal trainer worth the cost?
    The short answer is yes. Working with a personal trainer saves you money in the long run because as you form the keystone habit of exercising regularly, you will make additional positive choices such as improving your diet, smoking less or even quitting, prioritizing sleep, and also becoming more productive because you feel better. In addition, doing your workouts under the watchful eye of your trainer significantly reduces the risk of injury vs. doing the exercises alone.
  • What is Live Virtual Personal Training?
    Live Virtual Personal Training is one-on-one training through a video platform such as Zoom, GoogleMeet or FaceTime. You'll set up your device (tablet, iPad, laptop or phone) where your trainer has a good view of you and get ready for a great workout! Live Virtual Personal Training provides you with all of the following: Workouts that are custom made for you! Exercise progressions and challenges that match your fitness level, your goals, and the activities/exercises you like doing. A certified personal trainer watches your every move and suggests form corrections when needed to make sure you get the most out of each exercise without getting hurt. Additionally, your personal trainer can modify the workout on the spot to make the exercise easier/harder based on what she sees and your feedback​ about the exercise. Accountability: Your personal trainer will hold you accountable to do your workout as scheduled and encourage you to put in your best effort throughout the workout.
  • Do you offer in-person personal training?
    Yes, however Sydney only trains clients in-person in their homes if virtual training is not an option, you are not able to come to Sydney or you have special circumstances (i.e. you use a wheelchair). Due to the time commitment for Sydney to travel to you, there is an additional fee per session which is determined based on the distance Sydney will need to travel to reach you. Sydney is also a personal trainer at the Grand Traverse Bay YMCA. If you are a member there, you can request to be trained by Sydney.
  • What is Online Training?
    Online Training is the next best thing to personal training. You'll receive customized workouts through the PT Distinction app that are specific to your goals, needs and access to exercise equipment, written by a certified personal trainer. Every exercise has a video demonstration and a written description so you know how to do it correctly. You can record yourself doing a few reps of an exercise and send it to your trainer through the app. After watching it, your trainer will send you feedback. Your trainer will review the data you submitted (reps, weight used, etc) while doing your workout and use it to adjust your next workout.
  • Is Online Training right for me?
    Online Training is ideal for those looking for a more budget-friendly training option, are self-motivated, have access to exercise equipment, and have some experience doing exercise. If you want additional support, the Hybrid Training Package is right for you! You'll get Virtual Personal Training AND Online Training! Your Virtual Personal Training sessions can be used to improve your form, answer any questions you may have about your online workouts in real time, and help to keep you motivated and on track.
  • What is Nutrition Coaching?
    Nutrition Coaching is one-on-one coaching between the client and trainer focused on the principles of good nutrition and food preparation. Discussions about improving your diet, losing weight, what to eat before or after a workout, how to eat well on a budget, etc. are all covered based on your needs and goals. Your trainer/nutrition coach helps you create achievable goals and ways to reach them. Additionally, your trainer can help you adhere to an eating plan created by a registered dietician or nutritionist. Need help finding recipes? Your Nutrition Coach can help you find recipes that are healthy and appropriate for reaching your goals. Many people with the goal of losing weight get overwhelmed, especially with so much misinformation and the multitude of fad diets out there. Nutrition coaching can help break down your long-term goal of weight loss into smaller, more manageable goals.
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