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Our Clients Say

I am 74 years old, and I began training with Sydney about five years ago. I’m moderately fit, but I do have arthritis in my joints, and I was beginning to feel my age with regard to flexibility, balance and strength. Although I tried going to a gym, I found that working out with a bunch of strangers on sometimes complicated equipment was not my thing. I found it boring, uncomfortable and unsatisfying, never knowing if I was doing the exercises right or whether I was making any progress. Then a friend introduced me to Sydney and TRX - what a difference! Not only did she make me feel comfortable and confident through her expertise, patience and highly individualized approach, but the whole experience was (and still is) FUN! Of course we work hard in our sessions - and I say “we” because Sydney puts in as much effort as I do - but the results and my sense of accomplishment are totally worth it. She constantly monitors, encourages and corrects my movements as necessary, ever mindful of my individual limitations and abilities. The name “Energized Fitness” is perfect, because I feel energized after every workout, knowing that my training sessions are productive and looking forward to where Sydney will take me next in my fitness level.

What clients are saying about Sydney!

If you have never experienced personal training or a workout with Sydney Stiles, you have a very extraordinary surprise coming!

I found Sydney on her website about five years ago while searching in Traverse City for a trainer who could teach me and train me using TRX.  Little did I know that she would come with knowledge in many different areas of body work including foam rolling and trigger point release.  She was also able to help me with the exercises my physical therapist sent home with me.  I couldn't have landed on a more versatile person to meet my needs in personal training.

Not only is she well learned about the human body, she also has a wonderful personality in dealing with people on all levels of fitness.  She adapts to individual needs that may change for each workout yet comes prepared with her well thought out plan for each session.  I personally enjoy her wonderful sense of humor and positive attitude she brings each time I see her.  

Luckily we are able to train outside in good weather as we are only in Michigan during the summer.  We can hook up to a tree with the TRX.  She also brings other equipment for other types of work.

My husband observed her expertise and decided also to work with her at our home about three years ago.  He as well has been thoroughly impressed with her knowledge and abilities, including her great personality.

If you have the opportunity to work with Sydney, don't hesitate!

-Beth and David Howard


I really enjoy working with Sydney.  She's aware of my special needs, listens to what my goals are and plans workouts that help me achieve them.  Being a paraplegic, I was unsure if a certified personal trainer would work for me, but she immediately put my mind at ease with her knowledge and creative presentation of each exercise.

An important goal for me early on was to have the strength and stability to safely hold my new grandson.  Sydney came up with creative exercises to help me do just that.  There isn't a goal I've brought to her that she hasn't been able to help me achieve.

- Julie English



​“I was fortunate enough to win a free assessment and some training sessions with Sydney through the bariatric weight loss support group and Sydney has been a critical factor in my life transformation. During the initial assessment, Sydney really listened to my medical history and my goals for my future. She has been able to encourage me, push me and help me reach those goals. There was a time that she would say we were going to do something and I would think she was crazy, but soon I began to trust she would not ask me to try something I was not capable of doing. She has been able to help me achieve my goals and I have reached further than I ever imagined.

Sydney's level of compassion for her clients and true desire to help them improve their overall wellbeing make her a great trainer. Her use of humor has helped me to push harder and achieve more. I am able to witness her work during both private and group training sessions. She continuously monitors each participant for proper form so that they do not get injured. Previously, I always hurt after I worked out. Since I have trained with Sydney, I do not have pain beyond what is to be expected from a good workout - you know what we say - hurts so good!

I also know that Sydney will research and learn more for her clients. After she started working with me, she spent time researching working with bariatric patients and while working with my daughter after she had her baby she researched working with pre and post natal patients. I would never question Sydney's commitment to her clients or her profession.”


 - Cathy Marrow


I wanted to take a moment to tell you how much I appreciate you and all you do.  Even though I am already a pretty fit person, you continue to make me go above and beyond.  You keep me motivated and encouraged to continue being healthy and fit.

I especially appreciate how you take time before every one of our workouts and design it specifically for me and my needs.  This is an amazing quality that, sadly, not a lot of other trainers offer.

Lastly, I want to thank you for introducing me to the TRX!  That thing helps to make every workout challenging, beneficial, and FUN!!!! Your expertise for making sure that I am using correct form and working the correct muscles is much appreciated.  

Again, I cannot thank you enough for the way you have motivated me to continue with  a healthy lifestyle.  You’re the BEST and I will continue to refer you to everyone I know!

- Caroline H." 


Work in Progress

“I started working out with Sydney in October 2012 after deciding I was done going it on my own at gyms and not getting results. My first meeting was an assessment which went well, but revealed I was not as in shape as I thought.

Working out under Sydney's supervision with the TRX challenged every muscle in my body- including ones I don't think I had ever worked before during any cardio or weight machine workouts. I sweat and cursed and pushed and succeeded. Every step of the way, Sydney was there cheering me on, making me finish even if it took several attempts, and challenging me as I progressed. All the while, she made sure I was doing it all safely and effectively. I cannot believe how different a workout can be when doing it with actual proper form, not just what I thought was proper form.

At my six month assessment, I was stronger. Sydney had even helped make major improvements to my poor posture through the right combination of exercises. The scale had not moved as much as I would have liked, but seeing the difference in my starting numbers compared to six months later was rewarding in a way I never imagined. It inspired me to take the next step and work on my nutritional health as well!

A few months ago, I even started taking her small group training once or twice a week. I have brought friends who also come back week after week because they think it is a great workout and a lot of fun!

Week in and week out Sydney keeps me motivated and challenged. I leave every session feeling strong and proud... and usually sore!”


 - Amy Shamroe


“Sydney is an excellent trainer, and I recommend her highly. The level of professionalism she demonstrates is impressive, and I have found her service to be consistently outstanding.

Before our first training session, Sydney completed a thorough intake session, learning not only about my physical history but also about my personal goals for training. She listened attentively, and every training session has been carefully aligned with my goals. I've been especially impressed with her skill in developing a progressive training routine that is challenging yet within my limits to accomplish. She incorporates a variety of activities in order to keep sessions interesting and to expand the challenge, and I have found the novelty of new activities very helpful. Perhaps most importantly for me, Sydney has an encouraging and supportive manner, and she makes the work of building strength and endurance both interesting and affirming. I consistently have looked forward to each session.

As we have worked together, I have raised questions from time to time about topics such as physiology, training approaches, and age-related strength issues, and Sydney has demonstrated a considerable grasp of knowledge in these areas. It also has been common for her to research topics in greater depth and share with me what she's learned. She is a trainer who is strongly committed to her continuing professional development, evidenced not only by her independent research but also her pursuit of multiple certifications in order to ensure she is well prepared to work with a wide variety of audiences.

Sydney approaches her work with a high degree of organization and responsiveness to her clients. Sessions begin and end on time; each day's routine is developed in writing in advance based on my progress during the previous session; and Sydney remains closely focused on my form and performance throughout each session, offering encouragement and helpful feedback. I have found her to be excellent in every respect and recommend her highly to others who are considering training as a helpful avenue to improving their fitness. She's really first rate.”

 - H. Grove

"Hi Sydney!  I wanted to write you a quick note to say thanks.  It would be an understatement to say that I have never, ever enjoyed working out.  Ever.   I had heard such good things about you and the class here, and felt that now that my kids are a little older, it would be the perfect time to try and work out.  I have to say, I was SHOCKED at how much I actually enjoyed working out and feeling good about myself in that way.  I even found myself yesterday looking forward to class, something I would have never expected  to say.  So, thanks for all of your hard work.  I really appreciate it!!"


 - Michelle  Lazar

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