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January Step Challenge

Start the New Year on the right foot!

How to participate and be eligible to win:
  • Sign up between Dec. 22-31, 2024.

  • You MUST have a smart device that tracks steps (ie Fitbit, Apple Watch, Garmin, etc)

  • Accumulate steps Jan. 1st - 31st

  • Text or email a screenshot of your daily step total each day to Sydney.

  • Weekly prizes for highest step count*

  • One grand prize winner for the most steps accumulated over the entire month.

  • Must have a valid address in the United States of America to receive your prize.  Prizes will be mailed to the winners.

* New winner each week.  If you have the highest step count week one, you'll win a prize but will not be eligible to win another weekly prize.  You will, however, be eligible to win the grand prize.

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Take your steps

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Compete for bragging rights and a prize

Start the year off strong!

Challenge Rules

  • You must use a smart device (Fitbit, Apple Watch, Garmin, smart phone, etc) that produces a daily step total display via an app to participate.

  • You must register via the form below between December 22, 2023 and December 31, 2023 in order to be eligible to win any prizes.

  • Send a screen shot of your daily step totals via email OR text to:

  • Screen shots must be received by 10am EST each Sunday to be counted in the weekly total, except for the final week in which it needs to be received by 10am EST Thursday, Feb. 1st.

  • You will receive a "thank you" response when your screen shot has been received either via text or email, depending on how you sent your screen shot.  If you do not receive a "thank you" response within 12 hours of sending, your submission was probably not received.

  • The person with the highest step count for the week will receive a prize. Winners will be posted on Facebook no later than 6pm every Sunday (Thursday of the final week) and will also be notified via email. New winner each week (once you win, you are ineligible to win another weekly prize, but are still eligible to win the grand prize). All steps will continue to count toward the grand prize awarded for the highest cumulative step count for the month of January 2024.

  • All steps will be recorded by Sydney on Google Sheets. You will a receive the link for the January 2024 Step Challenge Leaderboard via registration confirmation email.

  • You will receive a link for your own individual Step Count Google Sheet via email within one day of registering.  Sydney is responsible for entering all step counts.

  • Any dispute over step totals must be addressed with Sydney via email or text message, and must be received by Sunday at noon EST of the week in which there is a dispute, except the final week in which it must be received by Thursday, Feb. 1st at noon EST. Sydney Stiles will have final say in step total disputes and winners of prizes.

  • You must reside in and have a valid United States of America mailingaddress to participate.

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