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Fitness Assessment


What is the purpose of a fitness assessment?

A fitness assessment is a tool used by the personal trainer to determine your current fitness level, as well as make the trainer aware of any injuries or surgeries you have or have had in order to design a safe and effective workout for you.


The first step to effective training with a personal trainer is a thorough fitness assessment. You will sit down with your trainer and talk about YOU. We will go over your health history, specifically any injuries, surgeries or problem areas that you have had, as all of these play a role in how your body moves and functions. We will discuss your fitness goals (both short and long term), and how we can work together to achieve them. Additionally, we will talk about your current eating habits, after all...exercise is only half of the equation to healthy living. Finally, you will do several physical assessments to help determine your current fitness level, and any muscle weaknesses and/or imbalances you may have.


How does the trainer use the information gained through the fitness assessment?

  • The trainer uses the information to do the following:

  • If you are interested in small group training, the information is used to place you in a group that best matches your fitness level.

  • Knowing about injuries or surgeries you have (or have had) helps the trainer choose exercises, or exercise modifications, that will be safe for you.

  • Understanding what your fitness goal is helps your trainer design workouts that will help you acheive your goal.

  • The fitness assessment serves as a bench mark to measure the effectiveness of the workout program.


What does a fitness assessment cost?

Fitness assessments are $20.

Personal training clients recieve one free reassessment annually.

Small group training clients receive one free reassessment annually, and a discounted reassessment after two months of small group training.


How do I schedule a fitness assessment?


Simply contact Sydney via email or phone.


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