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Virtual Personal Training +




60 minutes

About the Course

Live Virtual Personal Training+ is personal training via Zoom.  Just set up your device so that your trainer can see you well and get ready for a great workout!

Live Virtual Personal Training provides you with ALL of the following:

  • Workouts that are custom made for YOU!   Exercise progressions and challenges that match your fitness level, your goals, and the activities/exercises you like doing.

  • Your certified personal trainer watches your every move and suggests form corrections when needed to make sure you get the most out of each exercise without getting hurt.

    • Additionally, your personal trainer can modify the workout on the spot to make the exercise easier or harder based on what she sees and your feedback​ about the exercise.

  • Accountability: your personal trainer will hold you accountable to do your workout as scheduled and encourage you to put in your best effort throughout the workout.

  • You can do the same workout again on your own time because your trainer will record the workout session and send you the link to access it.

Your Instructor

Sydney Stiles

Sydney Stiles

Sydney Stiles was born and raised in Southern California. After discovering that fitness and following an eating plan focused on whole foods were the solution to relieve her fibromyalgia pain, she decided to move to the Traverse City, MI area in 2010 to enjoy a slower pace of life in a beautiful area filled with year round outdoor activities. She enjoys growing organic vegetables, kayaking, hiking, cycling, swimming, cross country skiing, snowshoeing, and playing with her two wonderful Australian Shepherds. 

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