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Free Trials

Updated: May 26

Woman standing with hand out expectantly

I've been asked a few times why I don't offer free trials of my services and thought I'd address that here. Sure, I could throw together a cookie cutter one-size-fits-all workout and offer that for free. However, that wouldn't be a true representation of what you would get when you train with me.

When I work with anyone, whether it is virtual, in-person, or through the Trainerize app, I always take time to get to know the person first through a questionnaire and a free consultation phone call. I need to know about any major illnesses and/or injuries the person has had so that I can be sure to take those into consideration when writing the workout.

Person bent over holding inflamed knee

For example, a person who has had knee replacement surgery will most likely (but not always) have discomfort when doing kneeling exercises. Consequently, if I see knee replacement surgery on their intake questionnaire, I ask if they are comfortable in a kneeling position. Some people have said yes, others have said someti