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Online Training

Online Training is a relatively new offering in the fitness industry.  This kind of training utilizes an app to deliver your customized workouts to you.  The app, PT Distinction, has video demonstrations of every exercise you'll do as well as written instructions.  You can take a video of yourself doing the exercise so that your trainer can check your form and give you corrections as needed.  This training option is great for clients with unpredictable and/or very busy schedules because you do the workouts when it is convenient for you.  As you complete each exercise in your workout, you'll enter the number of reps you completed as well as the weight used or amount of resistance of a resistance band (if applicable).  All the information you enter is instantly sent to your trainer, who will review it and use that information to modify your next workout to either increase or decrease the challenge, weights used, reps or sets performed, etc.

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